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Jam Sanat Employment


Professional abilities of Jam Sanat Iranian Machineries  Co.:

-Industrial project management

- Constructional project planning and locating the  critical path and reduction it.

- Updated data banks from foreign countries for purchasing machineries at competitive price.

- Direct purchase through abroad auctions and import and release from custom houses. 

- installing and commissioning and operating all kinds of CNC-NC machineries .

- Wholesale transactions (import) 

-  Turn-key purchaser of plants and workshops

- Rendering services on percentage basis for importing industrial machineries through buyer investment

- Issuance of pro forma invoices and providing pro forma invoices from abroad for obtaining bank facilities

- Enter into partnership with buyers for importing purposes.

- Changing and replacing new machineries with used ones

- Participation in  foreign and domestic expositions with pavilions.

- Presenting the latest list of available commodities of this company via Email and upon requests.

- Placing orders for manufacturing industrial parts in Turkey.

- Cost control and for reaching the optimized point in construction of any project

- Recruiting relevant manpower and evaluation them.

- Technical potentials of Jam Sanat Iranian Machineries  Co.

-Full familiarity with NC-CNC machines, manufacturing assembly lines and relevant tools.

- Commissioning and operating any kind of NC-CNC machinery.

- Programming for any kinds of technical parts of CNC machinery

- Project maintenance and repair

- Providing process time-table for purchasing and changing new machinery with stock or second hand one’s to enhance production and optimize products level.

- Providing engineering and quality documentation

- Equipping and manufacturing water and gas valve ware assembly lines (transfers in different axes and sizes ).

- Imports and exports from all of the world through Turkey in all industrial and industrial fields through DR.CNC Teknoloji Makine San.


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